So I have been looking to add a border collie to our family for about a year. Due to the chaos of my life after the past few years I had turned down several great litters, but once it was clear we would be in California for four months followed by a permanent move to Seattle I knew it was time to get serious. I got on several lists for well bred working border collies and nothing panned out the way I wanted it to. Puppies not conceived, puppies not born or puppies of the wrong sex. A good friend, whose puppy I love, mentioned a puppy that might be available. From a breeder I have long admired, and from lines that I like. Cue lots of conversations, a side trip to visit the breeder and meet lots of relatives while I was judging in California, and a plan was made. Once we made our cross country trek, we would take a week to settle and then head south from the Bay Area to pick up Wookie.

She is nine months old, and has some prior training, but not much. She needs some socialization due to an early home that didn’t work well for her, but as I am not working much for the next few months I am in a great place to work on it. My dogs were reluctant at first, and Gael is still just tolerant but not in love. Can’t blame her there, nine month old border collie puppies can be a bit exuberant to a nine year old border collie. Skylar quickly warmed up and the two wrestle and play as much as they can. Wookie has learned to ignore the grump-a-lump under the covers when Sky has had enough, and embrace her with wrestling and rough housing when Skylar is in the mood.


This is my first red dog in many years, and my first rough coat in almost as many years. She is very lightly coated, thankfully, and a gorgeous dark chocolate red.

And I think Andreas is a big fan. She wasn’t sure of him the first night we met her, but by the next day she decided he was her BFF!

Wookie Heart Andreas

And of course, because she is my dog, the bling has already started. She has a lovely collar that was a gift from a student and Rebecca McMahon of Love, Frankie and Lola designed this amazing Millennium Falcon Dog Tag for her. It is a new style of tag for Rebecca, and of course I had to order similar style ones for all of my dogs. You can check out Rebecca’s amazing custom tags and jewelry at

Wookie's tag

Gorgeous tag custom made by Love, Frankie and Lola

Picture of Wookie sunbathing

Could this dog be any more gorgeous?

She is a blast to train, we are auditing an online CU class with Leslie McDevitt and seeing huge progress from working through those exercises. We are also working on her foundation training for agility, and she is truly a joy to train. Quick, happy, eager to learn without becoming frantic. I look forward to sharing our journey with you! And if you are interested, I am starting an online class called Foundations with Wookie, each week I will share our training and provide you with exercises to train your puppy or young dog at home. Since I am in an apartment till the end of the year these exercises and games will require little equipment, and work on the beginning of agility handling and obstacle skills, as well as real life skills. I am very excited about that, so PM me for more information.

Gael, Skylar and Wokkie

The girls first hike together