Had a lovely day in Palo Alto with Andreas and the dogs.  Started off the day with a visit the vet for Skylar. She has a touch of conjunctivis, thankfully it wasn’t a foxtail or corneal scratch. A tube of eye meds and we were on our way. The smoke was not bad, so we decided to head to some nearby trails. Tried to walk at Stanford Dish, but quickly realized they didn’t allow dogs. So quickly changed plans and headed to my favorite local hike, Pearson-Arastradero Preserve. It is exactly 5.9 miles from our apartment in downtown Palo Alto, but it feels like you are in the wilderness.  Given this warning sign, we kind of are in the wilderness.

Andreas brought his camera, and we headed to a section I hadn’t yet hiked. Found some lovely private trails, and saw just a handful of people.

Girls and I waiting on Andreas to finish taking pictures

Andreas mostly took pictures of birds and the amazing views, but I convinced him to take a few shots of the doggos. I thought this tree was awesome and posed the girls on it. They are a bit over posing, but they will live. There was some bribery involved.

You have no idea how hard it is to get three dogs to pose

More pictures, seriously?

Some of us are looking at the camera

What you can’t see is me hiding behind the log holding onto leashes. And yes Skylar is tied to the branch. There are lots of creatures and I do not trust Skylar to go hunting!

Thanks Andreas for being a good sport, it is all about the dog pictures.

Came to a package from Clean Run  Wookie got her first Juliusk9 harness.

First harness- now we need some personalized tags. Any suggestions?

We finished up our day with some tacos, and a trip to the Apple store to look at iphones. To 8 or 8plus, that is the question!


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