Excited for some new opportunities for online classes, starting September 10th!
Always wanted to work with me, but I live far away or don’t teach in your area? This is your chance. I will be offering three classes this fall:

My very popular Foundations with Wookie– a fun foundation class that combines foundation exercises for agility with Control Unleashed exercises to help you make the most of your training. A series of exercises, most with videos, will be uploaded every two weeks. You watch and read and then video your dog and post for feedback. A fun way to work on foundation training without needing to go to a class and with minimal equipment. $150 for three months

Masters Handling– a focused handling class with masters level exercises. Each week you receive a set up (consisting of jumps, tunnels and weaves) that can be set up in a 60 x 60 space, with multiple numberings. Work your way through each set, video and post for feedback. A great way to take the stress out of knowing what to train and set up each week. Excellent supplement to a weekly class or a great substitute for those who can’t fit in a regular class. $50 a month, ongoing.

Skills and Drills– a new offering for all levels of handlers. Each week you will receive a set up (consisting of jumps and tunnels) that can be set up in a 60 x 60 space or smaller. You will have multiple drills to work through each week. Video and post for feedback. Excellent opportunity to revisit skills as your Cynosport or US Open prep. $150 for three months

Reservation for ONLINE - Foundations with Wookie

Reservation for ONLINE - Masters Handling

Reservation for ONLINE - Skills and Drills