Excited for some new opportunities for online classes, starting January 17!
Always wanted to work with me, but  live far away or Idon’t teach in your area? This is your chance. I will be offering limited classes this Winter



 Skills and Drills with Wookie

Wookie Tunnel

Join Wookie and I for an fun online winter training session in my new Skills and Drills with Wookie.

Each week you will receive a series of drills using four jumps and a tunnel and a limited amount of space. Each weeks focus will be on a different skill and the drills will have three levels-

Breaking down the skill

Adding additional motion and obstacles to play with the skill in a reinforcing chunk of course

Perfecting the skill- using it in longer course work, with different approaches and difficulty

These  will include a course map and a video with Wookie and I explaining the drill.  Video you and and your dog and post in our Private Facebook group for feedback. Perfect for teams wanting to grow their skills as well as for those wanting to reinforce their foundation, from beginner to masters.

$100 for six weeks starting January 17, 2020

You can join the class late by messaging me, or emailing me tcbagility@gmail.com