I recently started offering online classes, and I am having a blast with them. Really fun to come up with courses to challenge and inspire, and I love watching the videos and discussing them with my students. Right now I am hosting them on facebook, in private groups, which has been a nice platform for the classes. I am offering them in a recurring format, you pay by the month and receive a series of courses each week, along with handling tips and suggestions. You have a week to run the courses and send me video, either posting in the fb group so everyone can see or by sending to me privately. I review the courses and respond with feedback and suggestions.

Wookie waiting eagerly for my next cue. Damn this dog is fun to train!

I am currently offering the following options:

Masters Handling

Using 3-6 jumps, 1-2 tunnels, and a set of weave. Perfect for back yard training, designed to be set up in a space about 60 x 60. Each week I present two options for numbering the course, and two bonus courses. Enough to train in one session, but plenty of options if you want to keep it set up all week. Video length of about 3-5 minutes expected. $50 per month.


Again using 3-6 jumps and 1-2 tunnels, and sometimes a set of weaves. Just like masters it designed for a 60 x 60 space, with two sequences plus two bonus sequences. These sequences will be a bit more skill based than the masters class, making sure students are comfortable with a particular handling theme in a variety of different ways. Video length of 3-5 minutes expected, $50 a month.

Small Spaces Class

Options for those training in small or unique spaces, odd shaped spaces and the like. Send me a diagram of your space and I will design something for you each week. This class will be kept limited. Expect masters level courses, variety of obstacles used including contacts and weaves.  Video length of 3-5 minutes expected, $50 a month.

International Skills and Drills

This class was a request and I am really looking forward to it. I love designing International style sequences almost as much as I love running them. And I love running them! With this class I will post 2 short sequence skill building exercises. These will help you will needed skills for running the full course. Designed to be set up and worked over the course of several training sessions, and a great prep for big events like the upcoming US Open. $65 a month as I expect both video and feedback on the short drills as well as the full course.

And my favorite upcoming class…

Foundations with Wookie

Wookie has a favorite trick- leap into your arms!

Wookie turned nine months old today and I have had her for two weeks. She is fitting in nicely and training has started. Follow along and train your dog as I work through CU style exercises and foundation skills for both agility obstacles and handling. As I am currently living in an apartment in downtown Palo Alto, these beginning skills are taught using minimal equipment. I have a few cones and a wing-less portable jump. In January, once we move to Seattle more equipment will be added. Each week I will post 3-4 things to work on at home with your dog, and post video of myself working with Wookie. I am excited to work through the foundation skills I have been teaching for the last few years with my own puppy. My current crop of in person students, who have worked their way through this program, are just starting to compete. And boy are they an amazing group of dogs! $50 a month, with both video of me and feedback on your own videos.

Flatwork with wookie

Email or message me with questions. All courses except Foundations with Wookie can be picked up at any time, though Foundations can be worked through sequentially.

And don’t forget, I am running a contest through this Friday, October 20th. Help me come up with a new tag line for my website, winning entry gets one month of my online classes FREE! PM or email me your entry.

Me and my girls!


Ashley Allison · October 16, 2017 at 8:35 pm

I would love to sign up for the international skills and drills class. What day of the week will you usually post the sequences and courses.?

    Meagan Skelton · October 16, 2017 at 10:27 pm

    Hi Ashley, I am currently posting the courses for each week on Monday. I am open to another day of the week though.

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