Before I moved to California I learned that Laura Hartwick of Team Small Dog was hosting the Sparking Heart of the Woods International Agility Cup. I offered to judge and was super excited to attend. Eve more excited that Laura was letting the judges run their dogs.

Sunday was my birthday, and Andreas and I headed off to the Santa Cruz Mountains to The Heart Agility Field. Quick stop for my birthday drink from Starbucks, and then a lovely drive into the mountains. California is so gorgeous. We got to the field a bit later than planned, but I tweaked my course and then we were ready to run. Format was three runs- an international style jumpers and standard course (judge by Fairy Judges Laura and Channan) and the course I designed- a speedy jumpers course with LOTS of tunnels.

The judges! I went with my favorite skulls rather than committing to full on fairy!

Team Small Dog does brilliant tshirts and medals!

I planned to just run Gael NFC and do some training since we haven’t done agility since the summer and haven’t competed in 18 months. But the Standard course was so much fun I couldn’t resist running it for real. And Gael totally shocked me- she had a blast on it. We had two big bobbles, mostly due to timing issues, but Gael and I were both thrilled to be out there. We finished in second place in a very competitive class.

Gael soars! First time competing at her new lower jump height, but she saw no reason to jump that low!

Next up was my SpeedChase course. It was all the tunnels. I ran first, with Laura judging, and then judged the rest of the class. Gael thought this class was brilliant and we ended up in third place! “TUNNEL TUNNEL TUNNEL!!”


We had a quick break for lunch and then headed over to the other ring for the final jumping class. Very tricky course, but of course Gael had a blast. I was thrilled with her weave entry! She rocked!

Second Place in combine Biathalawn class. I love this shot, all dogs obsessed with fairy judge!

Best dog!

Such a fun day, so wonderful to be back running with my best girl. We had a blast, we met amazing people, what a wonderful way to spend my birthday.


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