Need to shop for your favorite dog trainer and have no idea where to start? I have some great suggestions!

TCB Agility Gift Certificates available for in person training and online classes

Gift Certificates to your special dog trainers favorite trainer or online class! I offer gift certicate’s for one hour private lessons as well as for one month, three months and six months of online training. Email me at fmi on my gift certificates. Sometimes the best gift is the gift of time, and most of us would love more time with our favorite trainer or the opportunity to try a new trainer!

Lux Track Pants

These may be the most perfect lounging pants for the dog trainer in your life. They are made by an awesome woman owned running company, Oiselle, from a fabric called Lux. They are a relaxed with a lovely drape to them. Lux is soft and comfortable to wear, AND most importantly it appears to repel dog hair. Seriously, I can wear these teaching, while snuggling with my dogs and for long walks and I never look like I am covered in dog hair. No lint roller required. These are seriously magic. They run a bit big, so size down, and come in three lovely colors. The company also carries long sleeve, short sleeve and tank tops in the fabric. I am not ashamed to admit I own all three! Use my link and get $20 off your purchase (I get $20 as well).  Lux track pants are the bomb! I also love the Oiselle Track Attack Pants. They are made from a wonderful light weight stretchy fabric, are incredibly flattering and have pockets with zippers! Perfect for long days at agility trials, or training sessions.

There are lots of great collars for dogs out there, but Paco is one of my favorites. This is Skylar’s latest collar, a Tween Glow, and I think it is just perfect for her. Check out Paco Collars if you know your dog trainer likes a little bling!


Speaking of BLING!

I may have a slight addiction to awesome tags for my dogs. These are specially made by

The artist does amazing custom work, and I have quite a collection of jewelry and dog tags from her.


I mean seriously, look at Gael’s sugar skull tag? I also have this amazing bracelet, and she can do custom work for you with special sayings, agility equipment or just about anything.

  • One more dog accessory- and trust me, your favorite dog trainer loves things for their dogs. I am a huge fan of Julius K9 harnesses. All of my dogs have them, with the new added chest strap, and fancy custom tags. They are comfortable, fit well and incredibly durable.You can get them in lots of colors and even fancy designs!  I even have added saddle bags for hiking.

Wookie in her new Julius K9 Harness from She still needs custom tags!

My favorites include Control Unleashed, the Puppy Program by Leslie McDevitt, Phenomenal Stopped Contacts in Thirty Days by Amanda Shyne and Mary Ellen Barry’s Foundation Fundamentals. You may have to snoop in your trainers library to see what she doesn’t have, but pay attention to what she is focused on in training and I feel sure you can find a great book or DVD for her!


Treat Hugger Treat Dispensing toy

I absolutely love the new Treat Hugger Treat Dispensing Toy. If you trainer has a food motivated dog this is a great option!


These KimKreations bags are awesome dog training bags. You can have them customized the your favorite dogs name, they are roomy and great for training and travel. Email me fmi on ordering. $45

Get shopping, your dog trainer is looking forward to a great holiday. Hope I had some good suggestions for you.