On Saturday I ran the most challenging trail race of my life. 9.5 Miles at the T9 Mermaid Trail Race. It was amazing and incredibly challenging. And damn fun.

With Andreas off house hunting in Seattle ( fingers crossed) I got up early to take care of the dogs, and then drove thirty minutes to Huddart Park. It’s amazing to have such a wonderful park so close, I wish it was dog friendly. I got there early enough to find parking and get checked in- nice smooth check in and great T-shirt/bag. I also found another Bird, and there was time for a quick photo.

Great meeting fellow Volee member Jessica

The 9.5 miler was first to start at 9 am and I lined up in the middle of the group. Not a huge field, but it was fun to be surrounded by women. This was my first women only race.

Gorgeous views as we get ready to run

Right at nine we we’re off, the first mile or so was technical and relatively fast. The course description said there was lots of uphill and soon enough we started climbing. Miles 2.5-5 or so seemed to be nothing but straight up!

Seriously just nothing but up!

I did a lot of walking, and had some concerns that I wouldn’t make time. But I am a decent power hiker and the views toward the top were amazing.


most of the course was in the woods, switchbacks with lots of redwoods. So completely different from my beloved NC mountains and so gorgeous.

Finally we got to some desperately needed downhill. So much fun to just fly downhill. I went from 15-16 minute Miles to 8-9 minutes Miles. It was a blast. Trail was not especially technical and the last mile and a half was on a fire road. So much fun!

This for sure wasn’t my fastest race. But I learned a lot about myself, and my ability to keep going in a tough situation. I look forward to more trail races in WA- and to train on more hills. Running in flat downtown Palo Alto did not prepare me for this race.

Love the medal and finishers necklace! T9 does bling very well!

I was home by noon, which was lovely!

Looking forward to more trail races, and I will seek out more T9 Mermaid races- what a fun atmosphere!



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