Channel your inner Wookie!
Need help with social distancing? Just listen to Wookie’s rules. 

Wookie’s Rules
1) stay home. The backyard is amazing. Enjoy it. The couch is comfy, settle in- and don’t let Gael get your spot. But watch out, the lump under the blanket is angry- avoid that area as it bites.

2) make your human train you. They  has nothing else to do. Now is the time to work on this and make them give you all the cookies. Sad faces and dramatic signs help remind the human that you have needs.

3) get plenty of exercise. Daily walks and runs at least four times a week. Scream loudly “social distancing bitches” at anyone you see and insist on at least a 20’ distance between you and them. And don’t forget to demand cookies from the human. Being in charge of social distancing is hard and you need to be paid. A lot. Humans are stupid and appear to be drawn to each other like magnets. Only you can prevent that- insist on ALL THE SOCIAL DISTANCE! Scream it as loudly as needed to get through stupid humans head that they need to stay away.

Note: humans do not seem to like being screamed at. They will do things like sign you up for CU to make you less reactive. Help them understand that it’s for their own good and enjoy CU- you get all the cookies and bonus you get to tell your human how far away you want everyone to stay from you and your human.
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